So You Want To Be A Wildlife Photographer....

Seeing my work published by National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, or the Smithsonian is great. It truly thrills me to see my images used to educate people around the world. But wheather I am photographing american Crocodile in Costa Rica, or setting up elaborate Viper shoots at home, things can get pretty sketchy. I would not advise anyone to put themselves in harms way for a photograph.

Home Set-up

Mark, and fellow photographers, take images of snake in a set-up type shoot.

Mark Set-up 2

Mark discusses the best way to image this Temple Viper with other photographic professionals. Notice the "bite proof" gloves that all photographers must wear at marks viper shoots.

Mark Watching Crocodile

Mark studies a Sleeping American Crocodile on the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica

Mark with Souther Stingray off the coast of Belize

Mark with Marine Iguana in the Galapagos Islands



"The Gemini"
Gemination - or double tooth, is a tooth exhibiting two crowns with a single root. This pathologic double Megalodon tooth (left) may be the rarest tooth in the world. Shown here with a normal Megalodon tooth (right). This amazing tooth was pulled out of the Atlantic Ocean by Brett Garner, with his buisness partner Chris Slog at Wrightsville Beach Diving.